Born 1986 in Odesa (Ukraine), based in UK.

The war in Ukraine became a catalyst for my artistic reawakening. Three months into the conflict, I found solace in the act of painting – an art form that had been absent from my life for ten years.

This creative outlet became my way of surviving. Instead of running away from the realities, I chose to confront the trauma unfolding around us rather than evading it.

My biggest interests in life are colour, light and people. The intricate relationship and balance among these elements form the cornerstone of my art. I aim to evoke a sense of empathy and understanding in the viewer, inviting them to explore their own emotions and connections to the world around them.

Group shows

‘Ukraine Independence Day’ Google charity group show​​
Atkinson Museum group exhibition
'Self portrait Prize ' shortlisted, group show
'Scar' group show
The House of Smalls gallery, UK
'20x20 Vision' group show
Citizens Art Gallery, London UK

'Our Home: Ukraine' group show
Reforum Space Kreuzberg, Berlin 
Hidden Kitchen, Nuremberg 
Kendrew Barn, St John's College, Oxford UK


K. Kostandi College of Arts, Ukraine
Odesa M.B. Grekov School of Fine Arts, Ukraine

+44 74374 33836
+38 05049 04063
Open for commissions