As a hypersensitive person, I see the aim of my work as serving as a bridge between individual emotions and collective empathy. In my practice, I deconstruct emotional states into colours and textures. Inspired and affected not just by the beauty of the world, but by the societal processes around us — I aim to document the impacts of these on both the external and internal states.

My process is deeply intuitive, based on immersion into environments, both geographical and situational. My paintings are characterized by their fractal nature, ferrying from extreme close-ups to helicopter shots.

I use oil paints, canvas, and natural pigments in my practice. Each piece has tens of layers, mimicking the natural states of things—the rawest emotions and the most subtle states of being. This approach encourages viewers to confront and reflect on their feelings and experiences, underlining the empathetic, investigative nature of my practice.

Group shows

‘Ukraine Independence Day’ Google charity group show​​
Atkinson Museum group exhibition
'Self portrait Prize ' shortlisted, group show
'Scar' group show
The House of Smalls gallery, UK
'20x20 Vision' group show
Citizens Art Gallery, London UK

'Our Home: Ukraine' group show
Reforum Space Kreuzberg, Berlin 
Hidden Kitchen, Nuremberg 
Kendrew Barn, St John's College, Oxford UK


K. Kostandi College of Arts, Ukraine
Odesa M.B. Grekov School of Fine Arts, Ukraine

orn 1986 in Odesa (Ukraine), based in London, UK.

+44 74374 33836
+38 05049 04063
Open for commissions